Noel Veloz, is the founder of Hemincuff which is a Luxury Vegan Leather accessories company. His father, Efrain Veloz had a passion for meticulously crafted handbags. At age 28, Efrain migrated from the Dominican Republic to the lower east side of Manhattan to pursue his dream to be an Handbag Craftsmen. Unfortunately, not everyone is fair and honest. That is the dark side of the American Dream. He lost everything and took a job cleaning floors. Efrain Veloz now may realize his dream through his son’s designs.

Dedicated to cultivating his father’s dream, Noel Veloz’s brand embodies integrity and dedication that is proven with each stitch. Hemincuff is committed to providing a superior product and promises of the ‘American Dream’ but honestly delivers each one. Our brand doesn’t take short cuts and we use the highest quality Vegan Leather. The advice of Noel’s father is echoed in the brand’s own name, “Noel, you can see the best quality between the hem in the cuff.” Hemincuff promises you High Quality Vegan Leather goods and it’s our policy never to break a promise. Hemincuff delivers integrity in style; Noel’s father wouldn't have it any other way.